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Online advertising is one of the simplest ways to earn passive money on the internet. This is especially true if you have yet to earn your first passive income. But although it’s a simple concept, in practice it’s not necessarily easy without you doing proper research and learning the best methods to suit your individual application. To make a good passive  income with this type of advertising, it requires a lot of traffic through your site because of the small amount gained by each click or visitor.

Some of the best ways to have online advertising on your site or blog are by using the following:


1. AdSense

With Google AdSense you can earn passive online passive income from your website by showing ads that are relevant to your site and its visitors. One of the great things about AdSense is that Google does most of the hard work for you; they find the advertisers, pick the ads, track the clicks, and even deposit the earnings straight to your bank account each and every month. No wonder that 65% of the top 200 websites that show ads use AdSense.


2. Media.Net is very similar to AdSense. It is the Yahoo! Bing Network’s answer to AdSense ads and is probably the second largest contextual advertising company in the world. They have an approval process that is a bit more extensive than Google AdSense and require a certain number of page views monthly to get an account with them, but once established they can provide passive income stream that is very similar to AdSense.


3. Chitika

Chitika is similar to AdSense and; they are one of the popular alternative ad networks to AdSense and have a low minimum payout threshold. Especially if you have a blog with less traffic, Chitika is a premium ad network which will show quality relevant ads. If you have a high-quality blog, you can expect a great passive income from Chitika.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate internet marketing has been around almost as long as the internet and this is one of the best and easiest ways to earn some totally passive income. Affiliate marketing is fairly simple. You earn money online by promoting the products or services of another company for a commission that is paid on each sale you make.

The normal approach is to partner up with affiliate programs and almost all major internet businesses and companies have affiliate marketing programs. Once you join and get their affiliate links, you can start promoting them everywhere, on all your web activities

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In order to build a steady and increasing long term consistent  passive income stream from affiliate marketing, you need to have traffic and to be promoting products that give people good value. To entice people to buy those products, you need to have a webpage that attracts a large amount of people and build a trusting relationship with your audience.


Build your own email subscriber list from people who visit your website using a service like AWeber to capture emails and respond to queries. You will then be able to create a list of people that trust you and want to hear about what you have to say and they will then be more inclined to except your affiliate product recommendations.


Usually it is best to limit the types of products to those that are closely associated with the theme or topic of your website or blog, because if you have too many adverts people will soon become annoyed or distracted and switch off, much the same way we do when the ads come on out TV. Some of the good affiliate broker services are Google Adsense , Amazon Associates , ClickBank , Commission Junction, Flex Offers, etc. They all have thousands of different products in all types of ideas and niches, so you will be sure to find some quality products to choose from.


5. Email Marketing

To be successful with email marketing it is very necessary not to be seen as a scammer or to be swamping people with irrelevant junk mail. You will be sure to lose people quickly from your mailing list if you do. If done correctly and tastefully though, this can be a very successful method of marketing because you are sending to people who know you and are receptive to you and your niche, thereby increasing the chances of more purchases.


6. Niche Websites

Niche websites are a sound and successful way to make a good passive income if you have a specialty product or service. They can be dedicated to one subject or a part of a subject and they then become of interest to a select number of people, but people who are more likely to purchase because they are interested in the subject of your website. These types of websites or niche websites are much easier to advertise and are better for being picked up by search engines, delivering you directly to the right customers.

Another way to make money from niche sites is to sell them by auction at websites like Flippa. There is no reason not to have a whole portfolio of niche sites; these could be of related subjects or totally different independent standalone subjects, all contributing to your passive income. When you look at most successful internet entrepreneurs, they own or develop multiple websites because with each site it increases the potential you have for making more and more earnings.


7. Writing Free-Lance

People who are good at writing or who enjoy writing articles, blogs, and short fictional stories or just like writing in general about almost any topic can often find there is a market for readymade, good quality content that they may be able to sell on sites like Upwork, eLance or Freelancer. Some popular sites like eHow,, and Yahoo are looking for writers and by selling or even just contributing regularly to these sites it can help build up your reputation. This, in turn. will help you to negotiate for better and better rates as well as being able to compete for some of the higher paying freelance jobs. Many of these will pay $50 per hour or more.

passive income
passive income

But if doing this type of work, it is vital to keep in contact with the people you contract for as they like to know what’s going on and not to be kept in the dark because they often have deadlines to meet. This is especially important if you have a long term contract or a longer term project. By sending them regular updates you will build people’s confidence in your abilities and asking questions insures you have a good understanding of the work required.

If you ever have a job and are finding it hard to deliver the promised work or to finish your contract, contact the people you are working for as soon as possible and let them know. Business is business and common courtesy goes a long way. People need to be sure you can be relied on or they will not employ you again and can very easily destroy your reputation, so don’t ever do anything that is going to hurt your reputation.


8. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Those people who have a working knowledge about or anyone who takes the time to learn about SEO, which is how search engines or websites work, would find there is a huge demand for different types of articles that are written in a style that optimizes search engine words such as keywords, keyword synonyms, title tags, headers, bullets, etc.


9. Promoting Clickbank products

Clickbank is now probably the biggest digital products marketplace online. One of the measurers it uses is called ‘gravity’ to represent how well a product sells, based on how many sales have been made and how recent these sales were. Clickbank has an affiliate program where you can find a huge range of products. Once you join up you can promote any of your own or other people’s products, as well as find people who will promote your products, so you can potentially get a huge following for your site.


10. Promoting Amazon Products

The Amazon affiliate program is a really good way to promote physical products, either your own or other people’s, through a reliable, trustworthy, and well-known online store. Their commissions are fairly small, but because everyone knows Amazon they have a huge amount of traffic. You can earn a commission when you send someone to Amazon if they buy anything else on Amazon within 24 hours, whether they end up buying the product you promoted or not. So, for example, if you promoted a book and the person you sent to Amazon ended up buying something else you will get the commission for both. This can add up to a nice extra bonus.


11. Promoting Commission Junction Products

Commission Junction is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks on the internet today. Most of their merchants are well established which can be an advantage if you’re looking to promote bigger brands. They offer several options including pay per sale offers, pay per lead offers and other types of offers.


12. Promoting DigiResults Products

Online business and internet marketing products are the main things DigiResults focus on, but they also have other products ranging from health and fitness to travel. Vendors and affiliates get paid at the point of sale, and not a month or two later like most affiliate marketplaces, which makes them more attractive.


13. Simple Virtual Assistant Jobs

Although this is not strictly passive income as you have to put in a small amount of effort, these things are good because you get paid for doing (very) simple tasks online.


14. Cashbacks

This is a great way to get rewarded for purchasing or using products you plan to buy anyway. Cashback sites pay you when you click through them, go to retailers, and spend. There are well over 2,000 stores that offer cashbacks including Walmart, Target, Sears, Calvin Klein, and others. You can also get a $10 gift card after your first $25 worth of purchases. Sign up is free.


15. Taking Surveys

There are many free survey websites offering users the ability to get paid for taking surveys online. These sites should all be free and if you encounter a survey site where sign up is not free, simply avoid it. There are many good sites. Take a look at Global TestMarket, Mobrog or Toluna Survey Center. You will never get rich taking surveys, but it is an interesting way to spend a few idle minutes and pay for that odd coffee.


16. Answering Questions

There are so many people asking questions on line and if you’re an expert in your field, you can generate income by answering these questions. is a company that allows you to join their team of experts and serve a customer base of more than 20 million people. is a place for travel experts so check them out. They have great reviews and positive commentary pretty much everywhere.


17. Writing Reviews

There are many companies that will pay you for writing reviews of their products and services, especially if you have a well-established blog or other online presence that is in the same or a similar field.


18. Target Your Own Advertisers

There is no reason why you cannot target advertisers directly who have or are advertising products relevant to your content and offer them deals or an arrangement to sell your products and you to sell theirs.


19. Selling eBooks

If done the right way, selling eBooks can be quite a good passive income stream. Once you have published your book and it is there permanently, it will just keep on selling a few copies (or if you’re lucky, lots of copies) for years to come. Because there are millions of books out there, it is often hard to break into this market and it does take time to write a good book and usually it will take a while for it to start selling and provide you with an income, but if you’ve got a lot of knowledge about a particular topic and love to write, the new technology makes it really easy for anyone to write, edit, and self-publish your own eBook for free. With little trouble you can make a very good passive income with eBooks. These can sell for as little as $0.99, all the way up to +$100, depending on the content and the demand for books of your chosen topic.

One of the really great things about writing and self-publishing eBooks is that most of the online book stores such as Amazon, (who are by far the biggest) as well as almost all the others, will list and sell it for you with no upfront fees. You pay a commission on sales and they handle everything, including marketing sales and book distribution, then deposit the money into your account or send you a check. You are also free (as you own the book) to sell and market it in any other market place such as eBay, ClickBank, or through your own or friends’ and associates’ webpages or blogs.


20. Selling Your eBook on Amazon

If you are going to sell eBooks, then Amazon is the best choice because they are the biggest online eBook retailer and generate around three quarters of all eBook sales via their website. They will give you a return of 70% royalty on each book sold. The only problem is they do not disclose the email address of the purchaser so you cannot add them to your mailing list for updates and future sales.

Sell Your eBook on Your Own Website

Having your own website, and selling your own and other people’s books and products can be very lucrative. You gain the attention of your customers and the ability to add them to your mailing list so that you can invite them to come back to your site so that you can offer them some more of your products or services. This is part of building up the all-important traffic, especially this type of traffic as these people have already come to you so they are much more likely to become repeat or regular customers; this is what’s known as quality traffic.


21. Online Courses

If you can write an eBook there is no reason you cannot write or create an online course. This is another very good way to leverage your time and effort by teaching something once and getting paid for it over and over again. Many people feel that an online course or lessons are more valuable than eBooks, mainly because they can offer multimedia content such as video and audio and not just text. They usually also offer support, guidance or coaching as part of your course, which adds even more value

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