Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Only the good and the precise search results always works. The people on the internet have so much of the data they will not go beyond the first two three results. If you want that your website should notice or it should rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engines then it should be properly optimized . The lack of the SEO on your website will never give you the traffic to the website nor it will bring the business to the website.

So what are the important things to do as every search engine has its own “algorithm” which means it has number of ways to solve the problem.

There are the number of top seo tips that can route the traffic to your website and you can learn SEO. The most useful and top seo tips that works for SEO of your website and can solve the question that how i learn SEO are as follows.


1. Simple English

The website title should be in the plain English rather than some thing like sessionid=8SDREFDG852SDGDFGDF54541?_frame=_top. It is difficult to type as well as difficult tot remember , instead of this if your url is simple like it is easy to write and easy to remember.

2. Choice of keyword and Phrases

The choice of right keyword and the phrases for the website is the another top seo tip that need to be taken care. The  keyword are those words that people search on the search Engines. It is very strange that the people just ignore this simple and the basic fact , it is something like a traveler starts the journey without knowing the destination and the plan. There are so many tools online where you can plan the keyword and make it a right use at right place.

3. Keyword density

Once the keywords and the phrases are finalize use these keywords and the phrases in the page title and in article with 5-8% of the density . Use 500 words per  page with tags in the sub-headings. The another that is to be taken care that the meta tags of the page should be enriched with keywords and the phrases.The photographs used in the paragraph should have proper description.

4. Website Link

The new ways to build up your website to another website should be invented. As if your your website is linked other relevant website that has great traffic will sure rank your page on the search engines like Google, MSN etc. On one hand where it will increase the traffic on the website if it us relevant to your website. On the flip side if the website is not much reputed or it has some dirty traffic it may also rank down your website.Before choosing the linking website always check the reputation of the website.

5. Regular Update

Regular content addition and web page addition is the another technique to get the traffic on the website. The search engine algorithms are designed in such a way that it always looks for the new content. Search engine use the “Spiders” or “Web crawler” in a automated manners. The web crawler has a copy of the visited pages and use it later for processing the request.The spider always on hunt of the fresh content.

6. Site Map

The another method is site map, it show the linking of the every page.If your website has a site map the google robots will find the every page of your website.Regularly  update of XML sitemap  pings the google for every site update.

7. Management Dashboard

Make sure that your should have a management dashboard , that keep track of the visitors what are the week points from where you have to attract the people.

8. Content

The website that is relevant to the visitor always attract. if you have every thing perfect on your website but lack of the content then it will not work. Always refine the content and keep is relevant as much as you can.

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