Backlinks are the links of the one website to the another website in the form of the external and the internal link.Like the Google other search engine considered the post more which have the good quality backlinks. In other words the backlinks are the link juice of the website.

When it comes to the website traffic then Backlinks that are considered pure endorsements.The backlinks are the most important factor of the website traffic. Backlinks are only useful when it is high quality, the low quality manufactured backlinks should be avoided.

How to Get Free backlinks Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website Absolutely FREE [2021]

Whenever you will talked about the backlinks, there are the number of websites who tell you about the backlinks.Before proceeding further on these websites let me clear on thing that all these websites will categories the backlinks as “Do-Follow”and “No-Follow”.

These all websites will give you the result according to these types.

Just have a quick look that what is the meaning of do-follow and no-follow.

a. Do-follow: It is a state of the back link that how your website is connected to the other websites. in the language of the layman the do follow back link will define your relationship with the website and it will also affects the ranking of your website.

For example: If you have a xyz website that has a dofollow back links from the highly reputed website which has the high DA rank and good traffic source, then the Search engine crawl bot will increase the ranking of your website automatically. The dofollow back links are only valuable if it comes from the good DA website.

b.No-follow: No follow links are not useful in increasing the ranking of the websites, but on the same time the no follow back links have the other uses also like.

  • It will increase the traffic on the website.
  • It is necessary form backlink profile of the website.
  • It will bring the brand exposure .

We have discussed the backlinks and now it is time to  know how we can check the backlinks of the website. what are the top free backlink checking tools used by SEO experts.

Number of the free backlink checking tools are available but there are the few those gave the correct information.

Here is the list of top free backlink checking tools used by SEO experts

  1. Aherfs

Top Free Backlink Checking Tools Used By SEO Experts 2021

Aherfs is the one of the most powerful google backlinks checking tool. The google backlink checking feature of the aherfs is completely free.

According to the website there are 25.02 trillion known links are there on their website. 170 million of the unique domains are registered on the aherfs. This website has the another unique feature that backlink index is regularly updated after every 15 minutes. The backlinks without the indexing is worthless. The backlink results displayed on the aherfs are very much correct.



It not only display the do-follow and no follow backs, it also display the DR (domain rating)of the website. The DR of website in the rage of 1-100.

It some other features but those features are paid.

2. Ubersuggest


The another trusted name that is used to check the backlinks of the website is Ubersuggest This tools is developed by the on of the top SEO expert Neil Patel

The advance feature of this tool is that you can identify better way that which backlink could be better option for you.Like some of the backlinks are only dofollow but their domain authority and the spam status can harm your website reputation but this tools keep the tight eye on such backlinks.

3. Monitor Backlinks


Next on the list of the backlink checker is the monitor backlinks. It is again a great tool, i personally used it very much. It gave the exact result of the backlinks. The one feature of this i like much is that it categories the backlinks in such a impressive way that what type of the backlinks will consider the google or which back links are use useless.

Backlinks Indexing

Monitor backlinks has a feature of the backlink indexing that without the indexing the backlinks are the useless.

you can index the backlinks manually and and can index then in the bulk just by importing the CSV file of the text file.One thing you need to be take care of is the format of the file.It accepts file only in the given formats only.

4. Rankwatch

Rankwatch is listed among those free SEo tools that one can trust.It will help you to take a look on your competitor backlinks profile.

How can your improve the the quality of your backlinks these type of the suggestion will be provide by the rankwatch.

5. SmallSEOTools


The small seo tools give the option to check the free backlinks. With this tool you can track your backlinks from where the backlinks are coming. You can perform the site audit and the backlink analysis for any site you want. The another thing that seeks the attention the which is your best performer content you can also do a research analysis about your best performing content.

The which keyword and what pages are bringing the most links can be analyse with this smallseotools.

The another feature of the tool is that you can find out your competitor backlinks that can bring you the most valuable links to you.

6. Seobility


Seobility is the another feather in the crown. This tool is also used to check the backlinks of the website.

The only drawback of this tool is that you it limits up to the three searches only.

How to create the good backlinks?

We have seen that how we check the backlinks of the websites. Now  the question arises that how we can we differentiate the good and the bad baclinks. On one side where the good links can boost the website reputation on the other side the bad links can also harm the website reputation.

It will increase the spam score of the website.

Steps to create the good backlinks.

a. Create a skyscraper content.

b. Try to build the links from the outdated resources.

c. Use content format proven to generate backlinks.

d. Try to earn the editorials backlinks.

How to identify the good quality backlinks?

a. Page Authority

The page authority is the first key factor on which quality of the backlinks depends. If your linking page is the powerhouse then surly it will impact your website rank.

According to my experience the page authority is the supreme factor in the ranking of the website.

b.Authority of the website.

The another factor is the authority of the website. The links coming for the higher authority website has more impact than the lower authority website.

for example: if you website is gaining links from the google which has high authority it will benifit more rather than gaining a link from no blog website.

c. Relevancy of the Site

The links from the relevant website are important.  The relevancy play the important role. If you got a chance to get a bcaklinks from High PA/DA website but those are not relevant to your website then it is useless.

d. The link position.

The position of the link has also crucial role if your link placed in the content then it is more valuable than the content that is placed in the footer of the page.

e.Editorial Links.

The links those are placed in the editorials are considered as the on the best links.



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