When it comes to the Search Engines the most of the people only know the only one search engine is Google

But there many other those can be the alternative to the Google

Here is on  howilearnseo.com  we have the list of the other alternative Search Engine of Google.


Most of the people thought the Bing is not in the game any more they are wrong.  According to the Statistics in the month of January 2021 close to 1.03 billion unique visitor has visited on the website in January 2020 this data was 971.5 million.



This graph display the clear hard work of the Bing. These days the yahoo is also powered by the Bing. They are proactive in developing the new search strategies the person who like the bing will be always curios to know what new is happening next. Now they are more focusing on AI as if they want to take the control on mobile.

2. Dogpile


Dogpile is on of the best meta search engine those collect the search results from the other search engines and after compiling it presented it to you(similar to like DuckDuckGo).

Each search engine has its own method of searching and each will return different results. Dogpile looks at all of them, decides which are most relevant to your search, eliminates duplicates and reveals them to you. In the end, you get a list of results more complete than anywhere else on the Web


There are the few things those are annoying when using the dogpile ,first is it does not not serve all the request on the secure channel you have to select the manually the https requests. it is a serious threat to the data security and the privacy.

The most annoying thing is paid results are dominating on the organic search.

3. Yandex


Yandex  is the search engine if you are outside of the USA.
it is mainly used in Russia as 45% users are from Russia. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine also use this search engine.

4. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo  is also a meta search engine. The best thing of this search engine is it does not store the personal information. User can surf the internet without any worries.

DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell.


It is best for the person who does not want to mix browsing habits with personal information sharing.

5. CC Search


CC Search is the best search engine for the user who is looking for the any type of the copyright-free content.

It is considered as the best platform if you want a image for your blog and any music for the video without worrying about the copyright.

CC Search should be your first stop on the hunt for nearly any type of copyright-free content.

This search engine is perfect if you need music for a video, an image for a blog post, or anything else without worrying about an angry artist coming after you for ripping off their work.

CC Search is a tool that allows openly licensed and public domain works to be discovered and used by everyone. Creative Commons, the nonprofit behind CC Search, is the maker of the CC licenses, used over 1.4 billion times to help creators share knowledge and creativity online.

CC Search searches across more than 300 million images from open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset. It goes beyond simple search to aggregate results across multiple public repositories into a single catalog, and facilitates reuse through features like machine-generated tags and one-click attribution.





Wiki.com generates the leads from the thousands of the wiki`s available on the internet. This provide the valuable information found from the websites like Wikipedia.

7. Swiss cows


Swiss CowsIt will never store the user information. feel free to surf on swisscows search engine.

Above image displaying the results of howilearnseo.com

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