PHP vs. Python: Which one to choose for web development?

Choosing the right programming language for a development project is essential. Currently, the most often used backend development languages are Python and PHP. Which language, PHP or Python, is better for your project? What is the purpose of Python? When to select PHP? Is it faster than Python?

We’ll have no fear, we have all the answers: a battle between Python and PHP. In this article, we highlight the most significant distinctions between the two languages ​​so that you can definitely determine which one is superior to contacting a web development company. Let’s start with a brief introduction to PHP and Python.

What is Python?

Python is an advanced, object-oriented programming language that is almost as difficult to learn as Java. This particular programming language includes a specialized variety of data structures at its core. Python includes dynamic type and binding as well, which is a helpful feature for swiftly creating software applications.

If you hire Python programmers in India, they will separate and recombine system packages and modules as well as reuse code from previous projects.

Due to its speed, dexterity, and ease of use, it is often a good choice for players just starting out.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source server-side scripting language. In addition to this, it is a general-purpose programming language that can be used in the production of a wide range of applications, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The Zend engine, now the most popular PHP implementation, is what makes PHP tick. Additional implementations exist, such as Parrot, HipHop Virtual Machine (HPVM), and Facebook Hip Hop.

PHP is used most frequently in web servers. It is compatible with command-line environments as well as browsers. You can choose to see the output of your code in the terminal instead of the browser if you don’t like how it looks in the browser.

Why Choose Python?

Python is an amazing language for web development. It’s easy to learn, versatile, and has a great community of developers who can help you get started. Plus, it runs on most platforms, so you can use it to build web apps for Macs, Linux machines, and even Windows computers.

Plus, Python is widely used in the scientific community, so you can be sure it’s a reliable language. Finally, Python has been around for over 20 years so it is well tested and has a wealth of resources available to help you learn and use it effectively.


If you are looking for a versatile and easy to use language for web development, Python is a great choice.

Why Choose PHP?

PHP is Python’s main rival.

PHP works with many different operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. The vast majority of Apache and IIS servers use this feature. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is extremely easy to use and runs fast. It may always be downloaded for free from its official website,

History of Python

  • In the late 1980s, the Python programming language was created. /Li>
  • In February 1991, Guido Van Rossum submitted the code to Alt. At the time, it was 0.9.0 in version.
  • The first version of Python, version 1.0, was released in 1994 and included new features like Lambda, Map, Filter, and Reduce.

<li> Pytpython 2.0 added new features, such as list comprehensions and systems for cleaning garbage.

  • The public first had access to Python 3.0, also known as Py3k, on December 3, 2008. It was envisioned as a solution to the fundamental problem with the language.


PHP History

  • PHP was created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, a computer programmer.
  • After a few years, Zeev Suraski and Gutmans created PHP 2.0, a server-side scripting language with a new parser engine.
  • 1998 was the year that saw the release of PHP version 3, which introduced support for open database connectivity, cross-platform compatibility, and updated email rules.
  • In the year 2000, PHP 4 reached its full maturity as a stand-alone web server component.
  • In 2004, object-oriented programming and an XML provider were added to Zend Engine II as part of the PHP 5 release.


Pros of Python

  • Python improves productivity.
  • Python has a big library ecosystem.
  • Python is open source, free, and has a large community.
  • Python is a portable programming language.
  • Python is an interpreted language.


Pros of PHP

  • Any operating system, including UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc., can execute PHP applications.
  • Anyone familiar with C programming can get around PHP with relative ease.
  • Provides strong library support for using various function modules for data rendering.
  • It enables code reuse and eliminates the need to write long code and complex structures for web application instances.
  • The popularity of PHP has spawned a diverse community of developers, some of which may be employable.


Python Cons

  • Python is not that strong with mobile computing.
  • It takes up a lot of memory to run Python.
  • Python can have runtime errors.


Cons of PHP

  • PHP does not allow the alteration or modification of the fundamental functionality of online applications.
  • Increasing PHP framework and tool capabilities causes web applications to perform worse.
  • It should not be used for extensive content-based websites.


What is Python used for?

Python is widely used for a variety of purposes, including website and application development, automating routine processes, performing data analysis, and creating data visualizations.

Due to the fact that it is so easy to learn, Python has been used for a wide variety of everyday tasks by professionals who are not trained in programming, such as accountants and scientists. An example of this is handling financial matters.

What is PHP used for?

PHP can do any task associated with scripting on the server side, also known as the backend of a website. PHP can receive information from forms, generate dynamic website content, process databases, create sessions, send and receive cookies, and send emails, among other capabilities.

The availability of PHP’s numerous hashing methods to encrypt user data makes it a secure and reliable server-side scripting language. So, these are some of the features of PHP that make it suitable for use as a server-side scripting language. You will learn more about these skills in later sessions.

Applications made with python

  1.   Netflix
  2.   Spotify
  3.   Uber
  4.   pinterest
  5.   drop box
  6.   instacart

Applications made with PHP

  1. Facebook
  2.   Yahoo!
  3.   Wikipedia
  4.   wordpress
  5.   Tumblr
  6.   mailchimp

The Difference between PHP and Python

Easy to use


Python is a high-level programming language that has syntax that is comparable to English. This makes the code much easier to read and comprehend.

Because Python is so easy to learn and become proficient at, it is often suggested for those just beginning their programming careers. Python requires significantly fewer lines of code to accomplish a given task compared to other prominent programming languages ​​like C/C++ and Java.


PHP is often considered one of the easiest programming languages. Like many other web programming languages, PHP doesn’t require a manual or extensive study. The structure of PHP is quite neat and logical.

Even the command functions are easy to understand because the names of these functions show what they are used for. Due to this, it is not too difficult for web developers to build and optimize the application.

Winner: Python



These Python frameworks stand out for how they work and what key features they give the user.

  1.   django
  2.   Web2py
  3.   jar
  4.   feeding bottle
  5.   cherrypy



These PHP frameworks stand out for how they work and what key features they give the user.

  1.   Codeigniter
  2.   Zend
  3.   Laravel
  4.   Symphony.
  5.   CakePHP


Try between PHP and Python



The syntax of

Python is easy for developers to understand and is similar to human languages.


PHP is a less popular programming language than Python. However, there are many details in its naming convention.

Winner: Python

Language Type


Python is a high-level programming language that is object-oriented and general-purpose. It is similar to other programming languages ​​like Java and C++.


PHP is a computer programming language used by modern web developers to generate websites using PHP script.

Try between PHP and Python

Community Support


The Python programming language is currently one of the most popular choices among developers around the world. The Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2021 revealed that Python was the programming language that respondents preferred to use. When asked what technology they wanted to learn, the developers said that Python was at the top of their list.

Thanks to the huge open source community that supports Python, Pythonists have access to helpful documentation and advice from their peers. If you need help from other Python developers in the future, you can always go to the Python meetups or forums. If Python is your first programming language, getting support from the community could be quite helpful.


One of the benefits of using PHP is that it has a large and active online help and community, making it easy for inexperienced programmers to write code and create web applications. The official website has documentation that makes it easy to use the many PHP features and framework. PHP is known for releasing new versions of its software quickly, making it easy to build web-based applications.

Winner: PHP

Ease of installation


Python could be difficult to configure for people using operating systems other than Windows. These operating systems do not support the vast majority of Python versions.

On Windows, however, Python can be installed without much trouble.

They should start by downloading and installing a package manager for Windows, such as Chocolatey.


Most of the time, it is better to use PHP to make a simple application. The installation process is not only easy, but also works well on many different operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Due to the fact that it is shared by many different hosting providers and only costs a little amount, installation is reasonably quick.

Winner: PHP

Library Management


Python is far more effective than PHP at managing libraries.

Python relies on PIP as its package management mechanism. Pippip makes sure that making a Python program is easy, fast and follows all the rules for making programs.

Python comes with a large number of libraries that can be used in a different type of program. The development of applications may be accelerated and made more effective by using libraries of resources.

We can use libraries, which already have many classes and functions written for us, instead of writing each piece of code from scratch.


Python’s library management is superior to PHP.

With PHP 7, Composer is a robust tool that offers a tonne of functionality. It is combined with a tool called Packagist which resembles Python’s library management but is not as powerful.

The job that web application developers are required to undertake involves a substantial degree of repetition. Examples of these actions include data cleaning, CRUD processes, and form validation.

If you make advantage of the framework’s built-in features, you won’t need to create your own functions for these operations.

Winner: Python

Learning Curve


When working with Java, you may need to create a class to print “Hello World”. In Python, on the other hand, a direct print statement is sufficient.

Because Python uses fewer words per phrase than English does, reading Python is comparable to reading English. Because of this, it is extremely easy to pick up, understand, and even code.

Bleeding is necessary, but braces are not required to define blocks. Also, braces are not required. Code readability has improved as a result of this change.


The benefit of using PHP is that it is easy, both to learn and to code. The code is generally clean and well-organized, which is useful for experienced and new programmers.

Command functions in PHP are straightforward and easy to understand. Anyone who is fluent in another programming language will find using PHP very simple. It is simple to take up because the learning curve is not too steep. The syntax is versatile and simple to grasp. Hire a PHP developer if you have difficulty understanding.

Winner: Python



As we discussed earlier, Python is a dynamically typed, interpretable programming language. Executing code line by line often results in delays.

The slow execution time of

Python is also caused by the fact that it is dynamic and has to do extra work when executing code. Therefore, Python is not used for projects where speed is an essential component.


PHP is the fastest programming language compared to others. PHP applications can be loaded effortlessly despite poor internet and data speeds. Programs require considerable time to connect to the database and retrieve data after executing specific database queries.

PHP is not affected by this problem, and it loads websites quickly and effortlessly. PHP gives developers an edge when building web applications using the PHP programming language. Hire a PHP developer if you have any problems.

Winner: PHP



Programming in PHP can be difficult. Sometimes more work may be required to finish the debugging process. On the other hand, making use of a PHP debugger like Xdebug is simple, which means you can start and finish the debugging process in a short amount of time.


Python also comes with top-notch debuggers, like the Python Depugger (PDB), that are so easy to use that even novice programmers may take advantage of them. To make an app that is more effective and secure, you need to hit the “Debug” button and start debugging.

Try between PHP and Python



Python doesn’t have this problem, which occurs when leaving an old comment. Python does not provide documentation as a solution to this problem. The content they make is easy to understand because they don’t use any technical language.


There are various tutorials, manuals, and other reference resources available, which aid development and can provide assistance and inspiration in difficult circumstances. These products are also beneficial for new programmers because they make learning easier by progressively increasing in difficulty. And, as stated above, learning PHP is fairly simple, but not as simple as learning Python, for example, which adds to its appeal.

Winner: Python



The web applications made today are not the same as the online learning portals or websites that have been around for a long time. For these applications, the addition of AI is absolutely necessary. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are being used by businesses to accurately identify their users within particular business categories.

PYML is used by the Michelangelo Python machine learning platform, developed by Uber. With their help, models are tested to see how fast and scalable they can be. This is a developer service.


PHP works with most popular web servers, such as Netscape, Apache, IIS (Internet Information Server), and many others.

Also, it supports all major web browsers without much effort. Overall, PHP allows you to choose your own operating system and gives you the flexibility and scalability to grow your business.

Try between PHP and Python

To Wrap

The question of Python vs. PHP has been debated for many years, despite the similarities between the languages, which have different scopes of application, syntax variations, and clarity. However, they share many similarities.

They are extremely simple to learn and use, have extensive documentation, excellent libraries, and large user bases and communities.

It boils down to the development requirements, use cases, and application features, despite the difficulty of choosing between the two options. PHP is more than adequate for building standard websites and web-based applications.

Python, on the other hand, is the recommended scripting language for developing complex and extensible products, software, or any other package. You can also check Node.js vs. PHP comparison for a detailed comparison.

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