Passive income ideas have been a strong revenue generation model for website owners. And if you are a professional in web designing or web development, you might be thinking of a good business idea to build your passive income base. That is why affiliate programs and choosing theBest cPanel Reseller Partner are the two popular options for you that we can suggest.

What are Reseller Web Hosting Plans?

Reseller web hosting plans make you a user selling web hosting infrastructure to your clients. And you take this hosting infrastructure from the web hosting provider by paying some monthly payments. The monthly fees or payments depend on how many web hosting resources you are renting from the service provider so that you can charge it accordingly to your clients.

At MilesWeb, the Best WHMCS Reseller Hosting in India they offer Best WHMCS Reseller Hosting in India to meet different reseller’s requirements.

In this write-up, we will discuss whether reseller web hosting services or affiliate programs are useful for you. Do you want to know which one can generate more profit for you? Here you are at the right place!

What is Meant by an Affiliate Program?

Hosting affiliate programs are provided by the web hosting providers only. In this type of business model, the web hosting company pays a commission per sale to affiliate partners. An affiliate partner is eligible for getting a commission if they make minimum sales in the billing cycle. This income opportunity is suitable for individuals or businesses who are good in promoting someone’s product or services.

In this program, users get a link and other marketing materials from the web hosting company. Such booming sales marketing tools help affiliates captivate readers’ attention and oblige them to purchase web hosting services by clicking on that link.

Common Advantages in Both

If we talk about the outcome of both, then reseller hosting plans and affiliate programs are useful in generating income. Apart from that, it helps in diversifying any running business. Moreover, there is no barrier at your entry-level also.

Additionally, as a user, you are adding value to your existing clients through both income opportunities. It is because through reseller web hosting plans, you are hosting their mission-critical websites. Furthermore, through affiliate programs, you give them the right direction about which web hosting platform is suitable for them. In both, you are building a trust factor among your clients.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting Plans

If you are taking MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans, these many benefits will become part of your successful hosting business journey.

  • Becomes a Scalable Option for Business: As reseller users are the hosting provider for their clients, they will be responsible for maintaining technical sides and other things also. Get 24×7 technical support from MilesWeb’s support executives and resolve technical issues instantly. If you are a user and want to scale your business, the leading web hosting provider MilesWeb offers enough web hosting infrastructure to grow your business. By doing so, they can easily generate repeat income monthly.
  • Affordable: Only invest Rs. 270 per month! Yes, you heard it right! MilesWeb provides affordable plans so that reseller users can get a profitable outcome. Your sales and marketing budget is totally up to you as a reseller user.
  • Total Control Over Branding: Are you worried about whether clients will get to know you are their original web hosting provider or not? MilesWeb offers 100% white label reseller web hosting services. Keep all your branding while providing web hosting services and create your unique packages.
  • A Good Chance to Gain Profit: Think of a scenario where you get free additional features like bandwidth, SSL certificates, and others from web hosting providers. And you can generate an additional income by charging for these add-on features. Thereby, you will get a profitable result.

Advantages of Affiliate Programs

  • A Good Passive Income Opportunity: Affiliate programs are easier to set up an additional revenue stream and generate a good income over the years.
  • Easy to Begin with It: Many web hosting providers allow you a free signup for affiliate programs. It will be just a matter of a few minutes. Once you are done with the signup, get the link and use it whenever you are promoting the service through the blog or any other type of content.
  • No Requirement of Marketing Expertise: An affiliate only needs a good referring power. No questions will be asked on the technical field or hosting related operations. Just market and pitch sales.
  • Very Much Convenient: Anyone can join an affiliate program without ignoring the full-time job or business. After all, it is not like door-to-door sales marketing selling products by approaching households. That is why many passive income lovers prefer affiliate marketing streams.

How Does Customer Support Work?

If you are an affiliate partner of any web hosting company, your duty will just be to bring sales and get commission accordingly. As an affiliate, you guide readers to purchase web hosting services. This web hosting provider will be entirely responsible for providing customer support. It becomes a good choice for a more hands-off business model.

Your web hosting business brand is at stake as far as reseller web hosting services are concerned. After all, your clients will directly question you about any technical obstacle they face during hosting operations. MilesWeb offers 24×7 support service to fix any technical error to make this task easier. So that you will not have any kind of inconvenience acknowledging your clients’ queries, easily focus on your other tasks. Even there is no requirement for additional investment in the IT team.

The Closing Line

If you have a business and want to step into the web hosting business, reseller web hosting plans are helpful. But as a reseller user, you must have some spare time available for your clients. It will be a successful strategy to get success. On the other hand, affiliate programs by web hosting providers are useful for users who want to generate income through commission model. Remember that the profitable outcome is available in both.

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