How to write seo friendly blog posts

Unless your blog post is well SEO optimized, seo meaning your post will not get visitors from any search engine until or unless it should be the seo friendly blog posts . This is a way to get Organic Search. Once your article is well seo optimize then it will start ranking on Google search engine. This will be helpful in increasing the website traffic.

First law of seo is a good keyword for your blog post it could be any keyword in other words it could be longtail keyword or short keyword. Keyword is nothing else, but it is search phrase or sentence in google or in other search engine. Once you have selected your keyword, you have to follow the points given below for best seo practice.. This article will explain that how to write seo friendly blog posts.


How to write seo friendly blog posts to increase the organic search.

You have to follow all the points given below to write the seo friendly blogs accordingly. Before following them, you should also study about the organic search and how the organic search works in SEO.

  1. Keyword in Title
  2. Keyword in Permalink
  3. Remove all stop words or words from the permalink
  4. Make sure to use the keyword in the first paragraph
  5. Use Keyword in Image Alt tag
  6. Access to the Keyword carefully H2 and H3 tag at
  7. All necessary and important Keywords in BOLD and Related keywords in the same way as
  8. Some of the articles important Keywords (1-2) in Italic
  9. Be sure to provide Outbound Links from some relevant high-quality sites, this will make Google feel that you are giving links to other sites as well.
  10. One more thing, make sure to use internal links in related articles.

You have to follow these 10 rules to make your article SEO friendly.

Once you apply these 10 steps in your article, then you can publish the same post. By following them, you can easily make your post fully SEO Optimized.

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