Ever since the world got affected by the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, several people have adapted to the new method of hosting events, virtual events. Though people have learned to plan and host virtual events efficiently, there are still some who haven’t learned how to give them a perfect ending. You might be surprised to know that the impression your attendees carry with themselves about you and your event depends on several factors; how you end your event is one of them.

We are sure you would want to leave a good impression on your attendees. Hence, it is important that you take care of all small details. Also, if you think to end your virtual event all you have to do is click on the end button, you are wrong.

In this blog, we will take you through a guide that will help you know how you should end your virtual events in the most impressive and the right way. So, without further ado, let us get started.

  • Don’t Ghost Your Attendees:

We have seen that there are several virtual meeting organizers who just end the meeting without any thought and planning. Most of the time, it’s the clock that decides if the meeting should end. Simply clicking on the end option might end the meeting for you, but it leaves a sense of disconnection between the attendees and the hosts. Hence, when you think it’s time you should end your meeting, drive the event and audience towards the same.

  • Arrange a Meaningful Ending:

We all don’t like ending a party or gathering while people are enjoying it. But, even if this is the case, end your virtual event in a very meaningful and arranged manner. Prolonging or extending the virtual gathering doesn’t make sense. Accept the fact that the gathering needs to be ended, even if people are high in spirits, and enjoy it thoroughly. Though you can extend the gathering but that too is only to allow your attendees to reflect back on what they have learned.

  • Announce the Ending Call:

Like we said, most event organizers let the clock end the meetings. However, don’t do the same with your virtual event. As we said, the beginning and end of your virtual event are more important than you think. Attendees pay maximum attention to both these things. Hence, don’t give the hold of the ending of your meeting to the clock; take the hold yourself. Announce the ending, and prepare the attendees for the same. It is very important to make an announcement.

  • Thank People For Their Contribution:

Don’t just end the meeting; before ending it, thank people for their contribution. Also, while doing so, make sure you don’t do it in a way that sounds more like a formal announcement. Thank people specifically, and be clear about how and what they contributed to the meeting. Right from your sponsors, speakers, audience, and most importantly, your team members, thank each and everyone, there’s no one who doesn’t like being appreciated.

  • Spare Some Time to Reflect On the Learnings:

While you are preparing to end your virtual meeting, give some time to the attendees to reflect upon the virtual meeting before they log out of the customizable virtual event platform and get back to their lives. Allow them some time so that they can reflect back on their takeaways and their learnings from the virtual meeting. Ask them to work in groups; the virtual breakout room feature of the economical online event platform will help you with that. Not only will they revise their learnings, but it will also give them a chance to bid good-byes to the connections they have made during the virtual meeting.

You can ask them to take notes of the following things, which include the purpose of the virtual meeting, the subjects they discussed in the sessions, and some significant facts the speakers shared with them. Not only this, ask the participants how they think it is going to help them and how they are sticking by it.

After this, ask your participants to connect their learnings to the real world and their lives. You can form small groups; ask them to share how they will apply their learnings in daily life or profession. In addition, to make it all more memorable and transfer the moment into permanent memory, you can have a signature wall at the virtual event. The attendees will leave their messages on them. Also, you can distribute and give away some merchandise or gifts as a token of appreciation.

Experts suggest that people generally relate to the ending part, as they are more on the emotional part. The ending of your virtual event is a great way to set a connection with your attendees. They are generally very powerful ways to make permanent memories and imprint the learnings in the mind.

Over to You:

Time and again, attendees have felt that the organizers ended the meeting in an improper way. And, they have never been satisfied with it. If you are into the virtual event hosting business, you must know that how you end the event plays a crucial role in deciding what the attendees will carry with them. Always invest in making the ending of your virtual event memorable. And, try to give that warm feeling to the attendees. This way your attendees will be able to connect with you and your brand more. Also, not to mention, it will help you expand the reach of your brand.

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