We have seen the social media evolution over the period of the time. Instagram came forward as the most used and the most successful platform. The billions of the users created the profile on the Instagram. It seems that the whole world is in your desktop and on your smart phone.

However, some time it become so addictive that it created the  distraction to the  human being. The endless  scrolling can delay your important tasks.You can overcome this deleting the account. But the question is how to delete Instagram account or how to delete insta. We have explained on

You have two options one is delete Instagram account permanently and the second option is the deactivate the Instagram account temporary.

How to delete Instagram account permanently|How deactivate Instagram

1.Login the Instagram account.

how to delete instagram account


2. Go to Instagram’s dedicated page for deleting accounts.



3. Select the reason why are you deleting the account.

4.Re-type your password.



5. Select the Delete button the account will be de-active for the period of month after that it will be permanently deleted.


For detailed information you can also take a look at Instagram help page.

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How to activate the Instagram

These social media application has so many cons on the contrary it has some pros also. If you use these apps wisely you can earn a lot more from these apps , here it is no the question that how can we earn from these apps and how these applications are the helpful in growing the business.

Here we use these application to connect our friend circle and to be social. Once the Instagram profile is deleted it can not be retrieved , but you can reactivate the account within the period of month just by login the application from your mobile or desktop.

Once you login the application it will become live and your contacts and the other information will be remains intact.

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