Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021

If your are learning the SEO by own then this topic is for you. It is going be a ultimate guide for how i learn seo.

This post will cover the all steps that how you can use the Google keyword planner

what is best use google keyword planner 2021

How Google keyword planner free is more useful in finding the right keywords for your blog.

The Google keyword planner can be SEO tool that can rank your website and can increase the traffic.

Here are the steps to use the Google keyword planer.

Step#.1 Google Keyword Planner

Very much  right that Google Keyword Planner is a free tool but only for those who have a Google Ads account.

Do you have Google ads account?


Dn`t worry you can set up the account in few while.

Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021

You can create the login by filling the only mandatory information that is being prompted.

Next step is keyword planner tool login.

For login the Google keyword Planner click on highlighted icon as shown in the image.

Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021


After clicking on the wrench icon the next option appears as given below.

Now choose the option Keyword Planner


Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021


Click on the Keyword Planner option and you will find the two options. Here you can find keywords everywhere. You can find out that thousands of the potentials keywords that are helpful in ranking the website with this keyword tool.


Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021

This  is designed with PPC i.e pay per click marketing advertisers in mind. So there are a lot of functions withinside this (like key-word bidding functions) that won’t be beneficial if you’re the usage of this keyword finder tool to discover key phrases for search engine marketing.

With that, it’s time for me to reveal you the way to discover search engine marketing key phrases the usage of every of the gear constructed into the Google Keyword Planner.

Step#.2 Choose the Right Tool Option

There are two main tools inside of the Google Keyword Planner.

1. Discover New Keywords

2. Get search volume and forecasts for your keywords

First of all i will explain the first option how can we discover the new keywords with Google keyword Planner.

 a. Discover New Keywords

This tool is designed for finding new keywords options.

In discover new keywords you can find the new keywords by “start with Keyword” and “Start with a Website”

Start with Keyword

You can enter multiple keywords into this field as well as the single keyword. Just separate it by  comma after each keyword.

Start with a Website

The another option is Start with a Website this is helpful in finding out the keywords of the complete website and particular blog.

b. Get Search Volume and Forecasts

This search option is basically designed for if you have a long list of the keywords.

If you want to know about what is the future of the keywords and what will be the reach of the keywords.

Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021


This option is best for the futuristic purpose.

Step#.3 How to use filter and sort the results

Now we have find out the keywords and we have the result.

But, we dont know how to use these keywords and which keyword could be helpful in ranking the article.

just have a look at the screen shot displaying the keyword result.

Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021

Look at the screen shot above .

a. Avg. monthly Searches

The first column is the avg monthly searches as you cab guess from the name of the column. This columns gave the results that what is the avg monthly search of the particular keyword.

The highlighted keyword “Seo Service” is being searched something between the 10k to 100k per month.

What does it mean?

It mean if you will write the article by keeping this keyword in focus, then there are the chances if your keyword got ranked it can get the traffic averagely between 10k to 100k month.

All these are the assumptions. Now after the keyword search volume the next is keyword rank.

What type of the keywords got ranked?

There are the number of the methods to got ranked your keywords.

But,here we are talking about the google keyword planner tool. So we will try to explain according to the google keyword planner tool.


The keyword competition is another factor on which the keyword ranking depends.

Best Use Google Keyword Planner 2021

There are three level in the competition of the keyword.

High :If the keyword competition of the keyword is high and the search volume is higher it is difficult to rank that keyword.This is because the much potential keyword exist in the competition of the particular keyword.

Medium : This level is medium if you try to rank the keyword as given in the screen shot “google seo service” this keyword has the medium level of the competition and you the better chances that you keyword may rank in the category.

Low : On the lower level of the competition there are the higher chances that your keyword can rank.  In other words we can say that it is easy to rank particular keyword.

c. Ad impression share

As we have discussed in the begging of the article that this tools is designed in keeping the mind of advertisement campaign. So this part is not relevant to the Search Engine Optimization we can skip it.

d.Top of Page Bid

This option is that how much you are expecting from “Cost per Click”

But, always keep in the mind if your are looking for the potential buyers then only go for the higher bid range.


e.Organic Impression Share

How often your website/blog will appears in organic result of keyword can be find out from the organic impression share functionality of google keyword planner.

These all above mentioned are the basic functionality of the google keyword planner you can also take a quick follow up of your keyword.

Which keyword can be better for your website you can choose from here.

The Golden rule is

Lower the competition of the keyword higher the search volumes make stronger chances to rank your keyword.

Hope you like it

for any query you can comment.


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